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My interest in wood began in high school accidentally.  At the time I felt that I didn’t want to attend four full years of high school.  I was anxious to start college and begin a career.  I approached a high school counselor and told her that I wished to graduate in three years and go to college to become a CPA.  She told me that she often bends rules and breaks them and that she would work with me.  Somehow a week or so later she took an intense dislike to me and again told me she bends and breaks rules and could have put me in senior level courses but she wasn’t going to do it.  I was angry and complained about it and the administrations solution was to tell me to “go take a shop class”.  Well I don’t know what school you went to but at my school mostly troublemakers went to “shop class”.  I thought I was an intelligent guy and I wanted out in 3 years but they were refusing to allow me to leave.  Well the Lord works in mysterious ways because today I cant stand to even do my taxes but thanks to Mr. Gabriel Garcia, my woodshop teacher, I took a permanent interest in woodworking which has evolved into a very successful mesquite milling business.

I spent some years working for the local government all the while “piddling” with wood.  In 1999 I purchased a small inexpensive sawmill which only served to spark a further interest.  In 2001 I purchased another sawmill.  After that more machinery was purchased and from a humble beginning, South Mesquite Supply has evolved into a successful small business.  We concentrate on producing quality mesquite products which our customers always comment positively on.


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