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Mesquite Lumber


4/4 8.50
5/4 10.50

Mesquite lumber is sold with a 3 inch minimum width and 30 minimum length.  Lengths to 72 inches with an average length of 3-4 feet.

Lumber is edged to remove sap and is kiln dried.

While clear or select material is found in mesquite, mesquite by its nature is bound by the desert type environment it grows in and always contains cracks and knots which when filled with epoxy only enhance its beauty.  Therefore we only sell mesquite lumber in a “mill run” grade.

Mill run” material contains clear material, knotty material and material with crack on one side that are no larger than 1/8 inch in width provided the board still has structural integrity.

Longer lengths are usually devoted to door construction and most is sold locally.  If you need door material or are interested in purchasing doors please call for a quote.

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